The weight of the load also influences the mobility of the wheel. Also see Wheel Types (By Type)for more information. Some applications require a softer ride that absorbs shock and reduces sound decibels. These wheels are most likely made of rubber or polyurethane to minimize slides and scrapes on hard surfaces. The heavier the load, the larger the wheel required for the caster. These casters are ideal for most types of equipment and projects weighing less than 1000 lbs. There are many industries that require certain caster wheel materials in order to get the optimal performance for each application. 6 inch X 2 inch Black Phenolic wheel caster. Puzzle Industrial has the largest network of caster and wheel warehouses in the United States. Plastic – A plastic wheel caster is generally used if you are rolling your chair or piece of furniture on a carpeted area or an area that has some other form of floor proctection (example: a chair mat). 8. In some cases, the wheel is actually a ball that can roll in any direction. Caster and Wheel Terminology Guide. Pioneer Castors is a leading manufacturer of industrial caster wheels including heavy duty, polyurethane wheels, furniture and nylon polymer castor. are difficult to roll because of high resistance. Because casters are designed to make things move, the most critical part of a caster is the wheel. Mattel has released many different wheel styles for Hot Wheels cars. Weight capacities are shown for each caster on our website. Therefore, a caster can be comprised of a near infinite number of component options. 2. Heavy Duty Caster Wheel. When selecting a wheel, be sure to consider: Caster wheel break types by Caster Concepts offers a break for every type of caster application needed. This is a list of all types used between 1968 and the present, in order of first appearance. They design these types of chair wheels roll around best on hardwood flooring or tile. Cast Iron Wheel Caster. Two hardened ball bearing raceways allow easy 360 degree swivel action under heavy loads. Home > Light Duty Industrial > Caster Wheel Material Types: Choose a sub category: Nylon (White) Phenolic: Polyurethane Tread: Semi Steel: Solid Polyurethane (Blue) Thermoplastic Rubber: Hard Rubber (Black) Soft Rubber (Black) Search Series #20 by Caster Wheel Material Type. Pneumatic or semi-pneumatic casters offer the wheelchair user a smoother ride, with shock absorption capabilities against rough surfaces. Above the legs on a rigid caster there is no swivel bearing because a rigid caster is … Office chairs typically feature a type of plastic or rubber material while more industrial, heavy-duty casters tend towards metal materials. Starting, rolling and revolving resistance of caster are greatly affected by the material of the wheel and the floor. Grease zerk fittings on swivel plate and wheel … It is important to know the different types of wheel materials and the benefits of each type. ABOUT US. The actual wheel of the caster can be made of elastomers, nylon, steel and other materials. Caster Wheel Materials- Plastic, rubber, polypropylene, mold on rubber cast iron, thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane, phenolic, cast iron, steel. Shop our Huge Inventory of Floor Protective Polyurethane Caster Wheels. Supo is high-end caster brand, we vote ourselves for human being as basics, technology innovation and high quality service. After years of market share, the SUPO brand has been deeply involved in the international across 33 countries , SUPO Exclusive shop has opened in more than 10 countries,has become a symbol of high-quality casters! Diameters: 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″. We offer you a desirable assortment of Industrial Caster Wheel and Accessories like Caster Wheel.They are existing in various sizes, and are generally completed of rubbers. Heavy Duty Castor wheels Wheel with powder coating are available with various wheel options like Nylon, PU, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Rubber, Copolymer etc. Caster Dolly 3 Wheel for Heavy Furniture Removal Moving Pack of Four Sil217. There are lots of materials to choose from when it is about buying a caster wheel. Wheels and casters are offered in a variety of types and sizes-not to confuse you, but because differences in applications can create big differences in what will perform best. Capacity up to 350 pounds per caster. Official Caster and Wheel Buyers Guide to help you find the perfect Caster and Wheel for your Tool Box, Cart, Equipment, or Table. Wheel Types Explained: Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR): These wheels combine the advantages of both a hard & soft tread material in a single wheel, making it one of our favorite caster wheels.Like a hard tread wheel, thermoplastic rubber rolls easily and is very durable. Need Help? Casters and Wheels are much more intricate and sophisticated than they may look. Find all types of Polyurethane wheels such as Poly on Iron, Poly on Aluminum, Solid Poly, & more. The most common types of materials that casters are usually made of … Above the legs on a swivel caster is the swivel bearing, which allows a swivel caster to rotate or turn 360°. Cold forged 1/4 inch plate steel rigs. This type of caster allows for movement in multiple directions. Wheel Center: Pressed Steel (Zinc Plated). Types of Material. each caster, various options 2" Wide Wheel Up to 2,000 lbs. And equally important, selecting the right wheel or caster will save money in the long run by heading off downtime, excessive maintenance costs, and premature replacement. 3-1/4" Heavy Low Profile Rigid Caster - Phenolic Wheel with Ball Bearings - 700 Lbs Capacity Top plate size: 4" x 4-1/2" Maintenance free wheel bearings Our Price: $19.19 Soft casters are kinda like a roller skate wheel and softer than hard plastic casters. We constantly focus on real demand from consumer, Provide more caster options for all kind of Kinds of industry. Call us The wheel is held in place between the legs of the caster frame by a bolt or axle. The color: Wheelchair casters usually come in shades of grey and black, although other coloured casters are sometimes available for a slightly higher cost, if you want to cheer up the appearance of your wheelchair! When it comes to using casters, the tread and core can greatly impact the wheel’s overall performance. Caster Wheel Replacement Parts & Accessories ... of this page to be taken directly to the specific wheel type needed or simply scroll down further to view all of our wheel types. Castor Wheel Fixings – The 5 Methods Castors are available in a range of different Castor Wheel fixings. These different varieties allow for Castor Wheels to be installed onto various fabrications and assembly types with ease. Phenolic wheels are floor protective, non-marking, excellent load carriers and highly shock resistant. Rolling and revolving resistance of wheel material . Casters comprise two major categories: a swivel caster pivots around a kingpin, so it rotates as well as rolls, while a rigid caster has its wheel mounted in a fixed frame, or rig, and only rolls.. Swivel caster. ; 4" x 4.5" top plate size Caster Wheels come in dozens of material types for different applications. Soft materials such as rubber, elastomer, urethane, etc. 5 out of 5 stars (5) Total ratings 5, £19.50 New. Find wheel sizes from 2” to 20” and up to 9,000 Lbs. Caster Wheel Manufacturer. In its primitive form, a wheel is a circular block of a hard and durable material at whose center has been bored a hole through which is placed an axle bearing about which the wheel rotates when torque is applied to the wheel about its axis. If you are planning to purchase caster wheels you should know the material of which it is made of. Light weight to medium duty available. Castor & Wheel Singapore Private Limited is prevalently known as one the most leading distributors and largest stockists for castor wheel products (Caster) in the asia regions. A plastic wheel caster may also be used on cement floors or other types of flooring that marking is not an issue. Like a soft tread wheel, it is quiet, protects floors, and has a cushioned ride. This is regularly succeeded by means of a device that newspapers a handbrake cam in contradiction of the wheel. and are offered with a wide selection of wheels. Manufacturer of Caster Wheel - Trolley Wheels, Heavy Duty Wheels, Red PU Wheel Medium and Rubber Caster Wheel offered by Mech Engineering Company, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Supo Castor & Wheel Pte Ltd was founded in 2018, SUPO is committed to become South East Asia First brand casters. Duel Wheel Caster Duel Wheel casters are capable of spreading and distributing the load between the two wheels. R&D and Manufacture high end caster for excellent moving solution for industry, medical and hotel application. Types of casters. Casters are a combination of several components (wheel, rig/fork, bearing, and more), each of which come in different varieties and sizes. Ball Wheel Caster A ball-type furniture caster would be the best In such cases since the ball allows Unrestricted movement to every direction. Call 888.781.1470 Bearing: Sealed Precision Double Ball Bearing. Roller or ball bearings are recommended for loads over 400 pounds. The applicable temperature range is between -45℃ and +500℃ with a hardness of 190-230HB. each caster; USA-made 1.25" Wide Wheel Up to 350 lbs. 1 X 10" Puncture Burst Proof Solid Rubber Sack Truck Trolley Whee Tyre RM027 - 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total ratings 1, £14.95 New. Understanding Casters and Wheels 101. It provides more inherent mobility. Cast iron wheel casters are a caster wheel made specifically of a rugged grey cast iron with a high bearing capacity. 7. 1" Wide Wheel Up to 160 lbs. Call 1-800-215-8220 Today. Different types of component options … We provide premium quality heavy duty caster wheels to carry heavy loads easily. Types of wheelchair casters. Capacity. We have over 50,000 different heavy duty casters , stainless steel casters , replacement casters , and heavy duty wheels available to you for immediate shipment ANYWHERE! Used by businesses and consumers for many unique applications.