Grape-Nuts Cereal, mcintosh apples, dried currants, unsalted butter and 5 more . I agree mac reds are the best apple but really hard to find in Scotland . Macintosh Apple 4.4 out of 5 stars 245 #4. Lastly, they are quite often mixed with firmer varieties (like Granny Smith) for use in pies and tarts to create a sweet, gooey sauce between the chunks of firmer apple. These apples are in season throughout autumn and over the Christmas season. McIntosh apples are from Southeastern Ontario, in central Canada. And if you’re still hungry, check out our best apple recipe from every state. McIntosh apples are known for their tart yet balanced flavour, fine tender texture, and bright red & green peel. 1. Join the discussion today. Their excellent natural characteristics make them a popular choice as a parent apple for apple breeders looking to cross-pollinate varieties. Apple Macintosh Tote Conventional, 1 Each #6. One of the most well-known varieties of apple, McIntosh are exceptionally juicy with a mellow sweet-tart flavor. I now live hundreds of miles away and always bring them back when i visit as they seem impossible to find in Suffolk Twenty-one varieties have been categorized by firmness, taste and texture -- not to mention whether they're better for baking or eating fresh. I think the flavor is much better when the acidity asserts itself. McIntosh achieves its best flavor in colder apple-growing regions. Add slices to a tart, chop them up in stuffing, or puree a little to add sweetness to soup. The fruit, also unlike any other, is extremely delicate; that's why I think most grocers avoid stocking them (the phrase I've heard them called is "smash and toss" apples) They bruise easily then rapidly mush and rot. John McIntosh was my 3xgreat-grandfather, and I want to grow some of his trees for fruit, now that I find myself living in the UK, not Canada. EUR 599,00. In the 20th century it was the most popular cultivar in Eastern Canada and New England, and is considered an all-purpose apple, suitable both for cooking and eating raw. McIntosh apples have a tart, sour flavour with a hint of autumn spice. It is a disappointing surprise. Can only find them in Albertsons stores. Sadly you have to look very hard to find in Best known for applesauce & … Have However in 2012 I couldn't find any, this Christmas they were thankfully in the shops again, but I was disappointed as quite a lot of the ones I bought did not have their usual distintive flavour. Get Recipe. It's juicy with a lightly tart flavor and should be harvested Sept. 10. Looking for the perfect camping gift for your outdoorsy friend or family member? 6,198 suggested recipes. Late September macs can be very sweet in comparison to early September macs from the same tree. With this combo, I reduced the sugar to no white and only 1/4 cup of brown sugar [either light or dark] and it still makes a great pie and one that had very little effect on her blood glucose. In case you can't tell, I still love them! Doesn't have the best shelf life though, and because it is a little more tart than I usually like it is my favourite snacking apple. they hybridized them for better shipping? You are an hour away from Blackpool - and they are in stock now [Oct 20090 ;)) They make the best applesauce with the skin on hands down with nothing added. The juiciest, most delicious apple there is. McIntosh apples are relatively easy to grow in comparison to some newer varieties. I used Granny Smiths because that's all I could find. Give me a pure green and red skin. A good mcintosh apple is eating pleasure, but availability in southern California is problematic. Local Northeast Empire Apples, 3 lb Bag #5. The only Eastern apple I can get in UT. The old-fashioned apply flavor of a McIntosh apple mellows with time to a more sweet and pear-like flavor. My mother's homemade apple sauce was perhaps a bit runny, but delicious. McIntosh apples are crisp and juicy when freshly picked, and are used to make some of the best applesauce around! I'm having a difficult time finding what I consider a true Mac for eating and making Thanksgiving pies. What Do McIntosh Apples Taste Like? Apple II GS von 1986/87. Mit der Options-, Alt- oder Wahltaste ist am Mac oder MacBook die gleiche Taste gemeint. I use Macs and Granny Smith for pies and since my Mother, who loved apple pie was diabetic this combination worked well. Commercial production started in 1870. This search takes into account your taste preferences. The McIntosh style is typified by attractive dark red or (more often) crimson colours, and a crunchy bite, often with bright white flesh.