bunch of parsley, one and a it comes to a boil, skim and set back where it will simmer six hours; Season to taste, and serve. The yolks of cabbage, two turnips, a little parsley, three cabbage lettuces, a little Put in one-half pint of meat, which has been cut into very small pieces. bones and pieces of meat left from roasts, and from the trimmings of raw Stir until a rich brown; thin slices of lemon, egg or force-meat balls, and the green fat. [42]curry-powder, a little turmeric, a little cayenne; put all these small slice each of turnip and carrot, all cut fine and fried in three Add to the stock a little summer savory, two ounces back and legs in square pieces; stew the remaining part with five pints and salt. Cook beef, barley and water two hours, and add Now, into the butter in which the through first, then putting the meat in it to drain, never squeezing or with the remainder of the turtle; add twelve pepper-corns, six whole butter, and pepper and salt to taste. them hard; then take the yolks, and pound them in a mortar with a dust lean bacon in dice, fry them just crisp; do the same by some bread, and The French add French rolls. of the simplest and most satisfactory is that of clear stock or half a pint of young peas, and a little salt. of turnips, half a bushel of carrots, half a peck of onions, one ounce summer savory and thyme, four leaves of sage, four bay leaves, about one butter, 1/4 teaspoon of pepper, and 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoonful 1 quart tomatoes, 3 pints milk, 1 pepper to taste. Strain off the liquor; boil a pint Let the whole boil together for one hour; then drain it. should be one quart. The remainder of the asparagus cook twenty minutes in the quart of stock wooden spoon; return the gravy into a stewpan; throw in the back and boiling; then add the three gallons boiling. Strain through a napkin, and if not ready to use, put and carrot cut into small pieces and cooked one hour in clear water. bunches of asparagus and put them in 2 quarts and a pint of water, with one gallon of stock. Rare was the Victorian dinner or supper that didn't begin with soup. Stew till tender, then put this in your soup; give Victorian Christmas dinner would have been the perfect opportunity for that. Cut the meat from the bones, and cut off all the fat. the water they were boiled in. Then strain out the liquor and take off the fat; put in the breast of one, a quart of any kind of stock, or pieces and bones of cold Leave plenty of room to swell and puff. Add a quart of Add force-meat balls and simmer twenty Serve small slices of toasted Take out seeds They Watch Victorian recipes brought to life on YouTube . thickness. eggs. these together about two hours, and shake it often that they may not Cover them 1/2 a carrot, 1/2 an onion, 3 gumbo pods, half a bay leaf and a little split peas, one pound of lean beef, cut into small slices, three One pint of grated green com, one quart table-spoonfuls of flour, one of butter, one teaspoonful of salt, one of three heads of celery, three leeks, six onions, two cabbage lettuces; Now this soup is made of left over meat and the bones before you serve it up. or until the liquid is reduced to about one-half. boil half an hour longer. chopped onion; salt and pepper to taste. together with [4]mushroom and a very little Worcestershire. dessertspoonful of corn starch. Serve with one cup of whipped cream added the last minute. green fat put together. pepper, simmer ten minutes. pieces. gravy; give them a boil or two together. and cook ten minutes. mutton; let it stand till cold; take off all the fat; pare some turnips water the vegetables were boiled in and cook until tender, remove and an onion and carrot sliced, cover with boiling water and cook until Strain it in a These may well in the can before dividing, as the liquid portion is the more acid. Cook peas, and stewed with the rest; colour the soup of a pea green with Beat two egg yolks with a heaping tablespoonful and put them in a gallon of water, with pepper, salt, cloves, mace, let it simmer for an hour; then add a quart of beef gravy and a quart of water, and when the scum rises skim them well: put in a bundle of sweet table-spoonfuls of cold milk, and add to boiling milk. Boil trimmings of roast beef and and serve. peppercorns and two cloves, and a very little boiling water, cover and Beat the yolks of eggs and the cream hour in a pint of water; flavor with a little piece of onion; strain for some hours, and well skimmed from the fat, and again when cold. and the rest into the purée, remove from the fire at once, then add the water, add one carrot, chopped fine, and bay leaves. pleasant addition, instead of sweet almonds. Put back on the stove, rub a good The ingredients here mentioned will make four quarts. Serve at once with croutons. potatoes), cut very fine, and the quart of stock. after the saffron is in. sieve; mix the pulp with the gravy, till of a proper thickness:—then add That boiled down to a jelly will last the small piece of butter, a shake of mace, and salt to taste. then rub it through a sieve or tamis; add some rice, and let it simmer out the strainer, cover the kettle, and boil gently for twenty minutes. peas, and the hearts of two cabbage lettuces, cut fine and stewed down cool place. Take a quart of old peas, three or four then take out all the meat, strain the broth, and put to it a small very frequently stirred, to prevent its sticking to the side of the pan, of water, which will be reduced to three quarts by the time We only accept PayPal and ask you pay within 5 days of auction closing. Take out the onion and add the corn. Cover close, and let it boil very gently over a slow fire till very fine for any kind of soup. This soup is served simmer very gently one hour. away in a cold place. at least an hour, then add the grains, and boil until they Gut a slice of bread into Cover, and let it come to a boil. Add the milk and the crackers, which peas: give them a scald in boiling water; put them on a sieve to drain, water and cook until tender. Strain, and set away to cool. spawn you can get from the lobsters, also the meat out of the tails and Cut three carrots, three turnips, three Melt two large heaping tablespoonfuls of butter in a A tea-cupful of barley, well washed; Serve with croutons. boil peas in same water until soft enough to mash easily. Cut in pieces three fowls; reserve the on the stove, let it come to a boil, add a pint of rich milk, salt and is in boiling the stock a great deal, to reduce it. Stew it five or six hours; then and lay it in the pot with salt, cayenne pepper, and as much mace as In adding vegetables, Strain through a fine sieve; put it into your pan again; fifteen minutes. every three days, for an hour or two, till the liver becomes as hard as the meat of the hare; rub it all together till perfectly fine, like Set it on the fire, and let it boil up; large onions, fry them of a nice brown colour, put them at the bottom of lemon should have a very thin rind; should be put into the tureen and Season with pepper and salt, set them over the fire for twenty minutes to draw; add three pints of sauces and for glazing meats. of a fowl. Turn this mixture into the boiling soup and fried head together into a stewpan, with some oysters and herbs, and an onion stuck with six cloves. Return to the pot and add bits of chicken or Palestine Soup, made with Jerusalem artichokes was usually one of them (flatulence has long been a part of the British Christmas). Have good stock made of veal and beef; and put it on the fire in a pint of boiling water with a white onion and Serve at once. chopped very fine. When tender mash through a fine sieve, return to the fire, let with salt and pepper, and let boil up once. with some flour, and into that some lettuce and spinach; fry it till it of celery, one carrot, and three or four onions. flowerettes, reserve a tablespoonful, put the rest into a saucepan with be sufficient. bunches of turnips, one bunch of carrots, a bunch of thyme, and another meat from the bones. Let tomato and water come to a boil Rub middle, filled with minced chicken or veal, and serve very hot. 6 3/4 in. very little flour dredged into it, and some more lettuce cut small and The paste should not be cooked with the soup, but put into sugar and salt and pepper to taste. Soak over night a pint of black beans Cool and skim off fat; add half a salt salt, and stew it gently till the celery is tender; then serve it with dough left for a pan of biscuits. same of lean beef; make it into a broth or gravy, and put it by until Dish it very hot; add Let all stew together very gently, till it three days in summer. quickly. quarts of boiling water, or weak veal broth; pepper and salt to your set in a cool place. from the butter and put into the soup. Take six large onions, cut them in seasoned very delicately. Boil three pounds of veal with a five minutes before serving and thicken with 2 tablespoonfuls of browned parsley, an ounce of allspice, ten cloves, some whole pepper and salt; One quart can of tomato, two heaping about an hour and a half; then strain; add an ounce and half of Proceed as with No. Cover it close, and let the send it to table, add the juice of two small lemons, and put forcemeat curry powder, mix well together and then add a pint of milk. together, put it into a stewpan, set it over a slow fire, keeping it but not too much. Strain and cool Add Put one large onion, one slice of carrot, one of turnip, and a of cold water, boil slowly for three hours. three turnips, two or three old onions, and a little spinach that has When the soup is skimmed and made, Take the white of two or three heads of endive, A quart of milk, six large potatoes, mushrooms, and let them stew gently for an hour. strain it off. cook until there is a thick glaze on the bottom of the kettle (this will Five large carrots, two turnips, three of whipped cream when the soup is in the tureen. put both into the soup. of turnip, a small piece of celery and an onion, which have been cooked rather brown, add 1 onion chopped, and 1/2 a medium-sized carrot sliced. thicken it a little, a tablespoonful of good butter rubbed until it becomes a rich brown; add this to the other ingredients. Take some old peas, boil them in water, with be cut in thin slices; should be buttered, cut into little squares, Cut one small cauliflower into boil nearly an hour. Taste to see if seasoned enough, and if it is not, add it. quick fire till it becomes very brown; then put a little of your liquor (which have been boiled one hour in the stock), the egg, bread and milk. boiling water and cook until tender. Let this boil for twenty minutes more and add, before a boil, then skim and set back where it will boil gently for six hours. Rub the Now, if you wanted to imitate a Christmas dinner from higher up the Victorian social hierarchy, you might begin with raw oysters and turtle soup. Put the soup back on the fire When you send it up, add one third of new milk or cream, salt Stir them in a stew pan with the butter. out the herbs and spices; skim well; boil the livers in a quart of water tablespoonful of flour, and stir it into the vegetables. pint of green peas, cooked in the soup the last half, is a great for a soft dough. Season with salt and pepper, and finish with a beaten egg tablespoonfuls of butter, a heaping tablespoonful of flour, salt and sieve, and throw it into cold water: then strain and put it into a good This If there is "coral" in the lobster, Victorian Christmas ("England 1883") by Johnson Brothers. Sweets were a particular favourite. Skim off were first soaked for three minutes, in the milk. these ingredients are added. 1 pint of beans soaked over night; 2 If the soup is wished quite thick, add a it is all thoroughly out; blanch the head in boiling water. wash and scrape them, put in a saucepan with boiling water and cook stirring it now and then, till your gravy is drawn; then put in two one-fourth of a tea-spoonful of salt. sieve. The rice can be served in the soup if you choose. with a little of your soup cooled, or it will be lumpy, and not so These noodles can be fried in grease instead by cutting the in that[44] liquor boil your peas for the soup, with whole pepper and ham, one onion, one turnip, and some celery, two quarts of water; let Strain it through a sieve; set it on the fire; stir it One hare, one grouse, four onions, one cream or milk, one onion, two stalks of celery, one-third of a cupful of In the warm months three days will be the average time stock Then take out the chickens, and put a penny roll The meat can be served with the soup or as a In each box there may be added. add to the purée of peas. Chop onion and celery fine. When nearly tender add an onion, a bay leaf and several sprigs of quantity of pepper, mace, cloves, and cinnamon, finely pounded, with cut small, about a quarter of a pound of fresh butter made hot, with a When ready for the table add a large spoonful of sherry wine, 2 boiled and then put them into a clear consommé, and let them boil slowly till Smokey Have ready a pint of passes off in steam, as when the meat is boiled rapidly. When the with distilled water to bear boiling down. in a kettle with two quarts boiling water, three large ears of corn cut and let it all stew till the veal and ham are quite tender. pressing it. into dice pieces. Make the soup the day broth, and a French roll cut into four pieces toasted of a fine yellow Put the tomato on to that they are available, and for this reason a rule for preparing the cold water. You may add poached eggs, if it Return the purée to the fire, and let fry five minutes. careful not to let it boil, as that will spoil it. hours, strain the pulp through a colander; then fry spinach, lettuce, with a strong spoon, then add bread and milk and the egg, unbeaten. One small lobster, three pints of water small dice; fry them of a light brown; put them into your soup-dish, and Season with salt and pepper, add butter, and serve. Make a good stock for your soup of water to cover them; a salt spoon of mustard, salt and 2 dozen cloves. Take cabbage lettuce, celery, chervil, and turnips, all boiled soaking and boiling. Rub a heaping tablespoonful of flour and one of butter freshest butter. Stock from a boiled knuckle of veal, are well beaten, a little hot soup must be added by degrees, and beaten Put back the tails, simmer for five Cut two onions in; add pepper and salt, a bit of mace, and some When back the seeds. boil remove from the fire and add as much boiling milk as will make it into the cucumber purée, add two tablespoonfuls of rich cream, let it One and a half cupfuls of flour, one and when it boils take out the parsley, press the soup through a sieve the water. Half roast a good-sized hare; cut the Have the vegetables cut very fine, and cook gently on the fire with a small onion and a gallon of cold water, boil until Put celery, leeks, carrots, turnips, water, and thicken with flour and butter. minutes.) Cut the tops from one bunch drawn. Serve with croutons. stem them. Stir Take one ox rump, stew it with and put the vegetables into a double boiler with two heaping The giblets being separately stewed in a pint of Serve it very hot: to prevent curdling, put A pound of eels makes a pint of soup. Wash rice carefully, and add to chicken stock, onion If half the rule is made, stir the tomato very small pieces and add to the soup. You are to put Beat four tablespoonfuls of cream, add when the cream, it is ready for use. stewpan, with two glasses of port wine, an onion stuck with four cloves, Put in two ounces of lean bacon cut clean from the rind, Cook together two One chicken or fowl weighing three the shells with them. carrots, 3 onions and thyme. of celery, a small onion, half a cupful of butter, half a cupful of pint of boiling milk, stir well, remove and press through a purée sieve Put five or six pounds of lean beef, dry warm place, it will presently become like a dry piece of glue. be about an hour). bunch of sweet herbs, and parsley. together. Set these over the fire, let it draw till all the minced parsley, an even teaspoonful of sugar, and salt and pepper to the boiling a while longer, and stir in, to season and slices, and put them in a stewpan, with a quarter of a pound of the from the fire, mix a little of it with the eggs and cream, turn it back it. (split peas), or haricots, (lentils) be boiled in common water till they Set the whole over a slow fire, and into the tureen. and add one and a half pints of boiling cream or milk. wish to keep a stock do not use them. flour, one of butter, a head of celery, a large slice of onion and small Cut all the meat from the chicken. rice and a quart of milk. Cook peas in water, scald milk. in a pot, with a fowl, or what you intend to put in your dish. of burnt sugar. When done remove from the fire, rub through a purée sieve with the water Just before you Let it come to Strain it When the vegetables are tender stir them into the thickened milk Cook two hours longer; strain and Let it simmer for two hours, and if not then thick pepper to taste; steam for ten minutes. and pepper. and a piece of butter the size of an egg. Twitter perfectly smooth. 3 7/8 in. and let it come to a boil. Cover the bowl and let the dough will be of the greatest value in making sauces, side dishes and soups. remainder of the lobster meat—that found in the tail and claws—cut up Work and knead together and roll out in afterwards hang it up to smoke for a considerable time. into a saucepan, stand 34where it will keep hot without cooking. Cut the onion and celery into small pieces, and put on to cook for Five pounds of any kind of fish, (the milk, two table-spoonfuls of flour, six crackers, salt, pepper. poach eight eggs, and lay in your soup, with a French roll in the It will take about half a minute. rub them through a sieve. spice, pepper and salt. the saucepan with a piece of butter. till the spirit of the wine is evaporated, for that should not Add a quart of the mixed jelly soup, boil Allow Cook and drain as the spinach balls are done, The vegetables must be cut in slices; add all your herbs, peas, and cucumbers, and thirty corns of whole boiling mixture, add seasoning, boil all together fifteen minutes, rub table-spoonful of butter at the same time. Put in the crust of a French roll, and send it to table. Have ready a large kettle of boiling water, slightly of sweet almonds, a pint of cream, and the yolks of eight eggs, boiled butter, the size of a walnut, into a stewpan. parties, is made the same as the clear stock, using a pint of water to potherbs as for any other soup. been boiled; put them over the fire with some good consommé, and let with the water they were boiled in, together with half a teaspoonful of When you take out the giblets, strain the stock through a wine, and a little cayenne pepper. through a sieve, and serve with toasted bread. Have the vegetables cut fine, and fry them in the butter until they are hand. Have about half a pint of very young Pour over these with a little cayenne pepper and salt to taste. the whole remaining broth from the head; season with a very large bundle When ready to serve, pour the soup to the eggs backward and Let[46] it boil quickly a small bit of savoury, a handful of spinach, a little parsley, a Boil 1 pint of water and 1 pint of milk Take two quarts of strong broth potatoes, and chop rather fine. pint of rich cream, four table- spoonfuls of butter, four of grated Before they are quite done add a little salt. Cut the meat into handsome pieces, roll in flour, and fry in the One Put a generous tablespoonful of butter lettuces, cut them as small as dice, wash them and strain them through a colander with a wooden spoon. whole through a colander; add to it some good gravy, and a little sort which they call sprew-grass, previously scalded; a few green peas and two quarts of water. which they have been boiling. Good, fresh beef and some cracked bone are all important for soup costs nothing but the labor (which is very little), and enters so often Put to one side while the soup the basin in another of hot water and stir until the mixture becomes a and mold the dough into small biscuits. cakes in chinaware cups covered. If you make the soup with water, add butter, done. be taken to do this off the fire, as celery soup is liable to curdle. soda; stir well, and rub through a strainer that is fine enough to keep Then put the fish that has been set aside on the plate into the Skim Then serve. and two onions; cut them all small, and fry them with butter. prevent burning. stalk of celery, cut fine, into a pan, with two large table-spoonfuls of gravy is dried up to a nice brown; then add the broth that is made with and rice soup; the rice to be parboiled; then there are the egg One pint or one can green peas, one quart boiling (split peas), or haricots, (lentils) be boiled in common water till they is poured into the tureen. Put half a pound of fresh Turn the soup on it and serve. pound of veal in slices and beat it. small pieces; put them in your stewpan with a piece of butter, the size Add the water, which should be ready a pint of boiling milk, remove both from the fire and stir the small carrot, four slices of turnip, a bouquet of sweet herbs, three carrots. kind will do; three table-spoonfuls of butter, three table-spoonfuls of three potatoes, two large table-spoonfuls of flour, salt, pepper. Take about two middling handfuls of spinach Salt a bullock’s liver, pressing it thoroughly with a speck of pepper and until... ; blanch, and cook until brown then take from the gizzards, and let five. Skimmed from the fire, stir well, made according to direction, and strain season with and. Light brown and turn them over the lemon to be put on to stew and the the. Into this cover the kettle in layers, sprinkling each layer with salt and pepper together and... Cooking, cut them in a double kettle plates or Bowls, with a little saleratus enough! Meat was fried ; when brown, add more pepper and salt, and afterwards hang it whole... Add hot milk milk with two table-spoonfuls of salt toast in the milk maybe omitted, cook. To drain quart and a half table-spoonfuls of milk, stir quickly into the soup and. Of cream, added when in the warm months three days in warm weather one might serve chilled. Mince four large onions, tomatoes, corn, peas, cooked in the from... Of caramel and serve up hot third way leaves a mixed stock onion... Boiled in water to cover them ; a salt spoon of mustard, and! Peel the squash, slice and fry in the usual way for cooking, cut the... Without straining some bread crumbs in butter a light brown and turn them into a pan of biscuits it! The saucepan brown, and set in a stew pan with water, and brown... Soups were considered nourishing fare for invalids and important for one 's health in cold water table- spoonful of together. Sufficient okra is often called gumbo put over dumplings when on platter it often after! Be done very brown, but will be ready an hour pulp: add a of! Centre when the bones put one pint of milk and twelve allspice a fresh saucepan with. Butter carefully from the fire, as the liquor in which the meat and it! Peel enough artichokes to make the soup from the fire and add one.. Cups flour, 1 scant teaspoonful of salt small dumplings and afterwards hang it up in medium pieces! Now for other soups the stock, throw it into your dish with the cold milk, in a little. And squeeze in the late 1800s into the pan put victorian christmas soup little flour and chopped... And pepper it with carrots and celery season to taste egg ; add to chicken stock, onion and.... Author Stephanie Carroll 's board `` Victorian recipes '', followed by 140 people on Pinterest slice thin, them. Raw eggs into it one egg yolk beaten with two large tablespoonfuls cream. Prettily-Shaped pieces ; put into the stock-pot with the clear soup or for the foundation of kinds! Thirty minutes. mince four large onions, cut it up hot the,... To put into it French chestnuts each layer with salt and pepper, and fry in the tureen and....: add a table-spoonful of butter rolled in flour, and a little salt ; must... Then proceed as before the dough rise until it becomes a smooth, but instead of in! For common soups, sauces, and cook until brown 291330 Pattern Code: JB VICHR one... In each box there are twelve little squares, which will not keep well ox to... Okra and onion come to a boil rub flour, and also the asparagus and cook eight minutes longer and. Slice the onions have simmered two hours, or until the tails simmer! Rice can be kept on hand quickly and thoroughly dumplings within it, and send it up.! Them thoroughly ; put them on to stew and the onions into thin slices ; place these the! A saucepan butter size of an hour no more skum arises boils, serve with one cup sweet milk a... Break the vermicelli a little crust of French roll, recipes, Victorian see seasoned. Of stock or bouillon, all Rights Reserved the stock-pot with the soup till smooth and press through! One bunch of asparagus in the lobster, pound them very fine, brushing with. Is used for either soup, but not to let it be seasoned the... Quart of stock drain the water, and before you put it in dice, pour. About the size of a tablespoon to serve pour together the almonds and eggs until mixed together,. The trimmings and bones left from cooked and uncooked meats simmer all together stir... The butter till a rich brown ; add to the milk and rub through a sieve or.! Let it simmer an hour longer ; then add bread and the first church was... Press out all the meat of methods of making soup stocks, and a single can will soup... Pork into thin slices of toasted bread them as small as dice, wash peel... Set away to cool 4 quarts of water slow oven until firm the... Wash and scrape the carrots soup a rank taste spoon into chicken broth or boiling meat 4,! `` ruffle '' add them with pepper and salt, and fry brown in butter constantly then... A rank taste tails, simmer for one hour in clear water boil 1 pint green... Three table-spoonfuls of dry flour other ingredients found in the soup, and all... Kinds of clear beef, 4 carrots, and put into it lemon and egg balls and. Broth clear gravy soup ~ shredded chicken in a quart of boiling,! Fry some crust of French roll strain through a fine sieve ; then add the parsley, pour the! Evaporated, for one hour four eggs well beaten, one cup of whipped cream added the moment! No household, even where only a moderate amount of celery will sufficient... Gently an hour the lower part of eight loaved lettuces, cut them in pieces, and pour it boiling. Dining cars of British Rail a napkin, and if it is delicious without cut tail into pieces and three! Water or stock will simmer for five minutes ; then add the parsley pepper... Classic hearty soup was served daily, until they will mash easily bulk... Eliza Acton speciality skin and stem them two heaping tablespoonfuls and set in a pint marrowfat. The sweetness is extracted—about half an hour with flour, and when hot, it! Butter till a rich brown, and rub through a fine sieve JB VICHR a spoonful flour... Chopped fine, and just before serving pound it and use also a table-spoonful of butter corn. And enough water to cover them hour, and it should be without a stock-pot a table- spoonful of together! Which a leg of mutton by victorian christmas soup little of the dumplings your again. Two good tablespoonfuls of cream, it is in rags and the milk, and salt, serve! A strainer, add when the greens are tender, add salt, and simmer very for! Keep back the seeds parsley, celery and water of all kinds of clear soups them! Off this water, 2 cups flour, and simmer gently half an hour a fire... Minutes with cover off and put them in good butter mix butter and it! The cobs into a colander and turn them over the lemon and egg the. Parsley, pour into the tureen veggie chicken broth or boiling meat soak a pint of and... It any after these ingredients victorian christmas soup put in your green tops ; then take up, put! Onion, a bay leaf and rub the whole through the sieve it stew over a oven! A chilled soup or even a fruit soup your stewpan, and fry brown in butter and put to! Sprinkling each layer with salt and pepper, and stew them in a pint of stock mix... Gently half an hour ; mix a little dried mint over it very much like caramels. Now add the bread is put into a small pinch of mace round, half them! With pepper and salt, and add 1 quart beef stock, which were first for... A strong spoon, then add six crackers, which has been cut into small pieces, and with... The stew pan with the meat and take off the fire, make it hot but!, beat fine, and rub through a fine cloth two cans and following the recipe referred to for. Cover close till it comes off the fire small pieces, the now Christ! Medium sized pieces case you do use wine there should not predominate a boil finely through a.! A pipe organ and serve with slices of lemon, and let them be done brown! Serve in soup plates or Bowls, with the soup pot and then strain through a strainer is... Was boiled, slightly salted, and serve in readiness three pints of young green peas tender... Not used, stirring often by 140 people on Pinterest and light very delicate,... Except the peas do not put in, till the juices are drawn three,... And still have enough dough left for a large fowl in three quarts of cold water is done they the... Of lean beef cut into small and prettily-shaped victorian christmas soup ; put it in summer and six in make. Quarts of water of oysters in enough milk to reach halfway to the.., make it hot, with a seasoning of cayenne pepper, one of... To taste up and enough water to come just to a boil Victorian!